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Orchids in Orchid Garden (Bali)
Orchids in Orchid Garden (Bali)
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Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Synonym: Day Lily, Day-lilies, Day-lily.
Genus: Hemerocallis.
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus = Hemerocallis flava = Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus 
Hemerocallis (unknown kind) Hemerocallis (unknown kind) (22)
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus (5)
Hemerocallis fulva Hemerocallis fulva (7)
Daylily 'American Revolution', single Daylily 'American Revolution', single (4)
Daylily 'Arctic Snow', single Daylily 'Arctic Snow', single (1)
Daylily 'Autumn Red', single Daylily 'Autumn Red', single (9)
Daylily 'Ballroom Waltz', single Daylily 'Ballroom Waltz', single (5)
Daylily 'Blue Sheen', single Daylily 'Blue Sheen', single (1)
Daylily 'Catherine Woodbery', single Daylily 'Catherine Woodbery', single (3)
Daylily 'Cherry Tiger', single Daylily 'Cherry Tiger', single (4)
Daylily 'Daring Dilemma', single Daylily 'Daring Dilemma', single (4)
Daylily 'Demetrius', single Daylily 'Demetrius', single (9)
Daylily 'Diamant Noir', single Daylily 'Diamant Noir', single (3)
Daylily 'Distant Galaxy', single Daylily 'Distant Galaxy', single (3)
Daylily 'Doc Holliday', single Daylily 'Doc Holliday', single (6)
Daylily 'Double River Wye', double Daylily 'Double River Wye', double (6)
Daylily 'Elizabeth Salter', single Daylily 'Elizabeth Salter', single (3)
Daylily 'Entrapment', single Daylily 'Entrapment', single (10)
Daylily 'First Knight', single Daylily 'First Knight', single (2)
Daylily 'Frans Hals', single Daylily 'Frans Hals', single (2)
Daylily 'Forty Second Street', double Daylily 'Forty Second Street', double (2)
Daylily 'Green Dragon', spider Daylily 'Green Dragon', spider (1)
Daylily 'Julie Newmar', single Daylily 'Julie Newmar', single (5)
Daylily 'Killer', single Daylily 'Killer', single (2)
Daylily 'Laurena', spider Daylily 'Laurena', spider (4)
Daylily 'Lavender Deal', single Daylily 'Lavender Deal', single (3)
Daylily 'Lori Goldston', single Daylily 'Lori Goldston', single (4)
Daylily 'Mango Time', single Daylily 'Mango Time', single (5)
Daylily 'Mary Alice Stokes', single Daylily 'Mary Alice Stokes', single (3)
Daylily 'Ottis' Magic', single Daylily 'Ottis' Magic', single (3)
Daylily 'Pandora's Box', single Daylily 'Pandora's Box', single (4)
Daylily 'Roswitha', double Daylily 'Roswitha', double (7)
Daylily 'Ruffled Apricot', single Daylily 'Ruffled Apricot', single (6)
Daylily 'Sammy Russell', single Daylily 'Sammy Russell', single (4)
Daylily 'Schnickel Fritz', double Daylily 'Schnickel Fritz', double (4)
Daylily 'Sixth Sense', single Daylily 'Sixth Sense', single (6)
Daylily 'Spacecoast Sharp Tooth', single Daylily 'Spacecoast Sharp Tooth', single (2)
Daylily 'Sweet Sugar Candy', single Daylily 'Sweet Sugar Candy', single (8)
Daylily 'Thin man', cascade Daylily 'Thin man', cascade (3)
Daylily 'Tigereye Spider', spider Daylily 'Tigereye Spider', spider (2)
Daylily 'Velvet Ribbons', spider Daylily 'Velvet Ribbons', spider (2)
Daylily 'Yellow Submarine', double Daylily 'Yellow Submarine', double (8)
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