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DSC 9312chs
DSC 9312chs
Category: Guess the plant
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Lily 'Cheops' I (a/b)

Lily 'Cheops' (Vletter en Den Haan Beheer B.V., 2003).
Division I. Asiatic Hybrids.
Color: yellow, red.
Flower aspect: up-facing (a).
Flower form: bowl-shaped (b).
Height: 130 cm (51,2 inches).
Forcing time (days): 76.
Winter hardy: zone 5.
Number of Blooms per Stem: 3 - 5.
Remarks: inside strong orange (24A), each petal vivid yellow (15A) towards margins and tip, and with a large vivid orange-pink (28A) spot above throat, throat light yellow-green (145D); outside brilliant yellow (13C), at the base strong yellowish green (141C), at the tip with a deep yellowish green (141A) spot, midribs a streak of strong orange-yellow (22A); spots absent; papillae vivid orange-pink (28A); nectaries strong yellowish green (141C); pollen greyish red (176A); stigma deep purplish red (59B). Fls 150 mm wide, slightly fragrant; petals 110 x 35 mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved. Lvs 155 x 16 mm. Stems 1.3 m, green, with c.7 fls. 
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Lily 'Cheops'
Lily 'Cheops'
Category: Lily 'Cheops' I (a/b)
Author: Татьяна
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