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Flower Parade (Keukenhof)
Flower Parade (Keukenhof)
Category: Flower Parade (Keukenhof)
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Daffodil (Narcissus) Daffodil (Narcissus) (492)
Daffodils, Daffodil (unknown kind), Daffodil (unknown kind), Daffodil 'Accent', large cupped (2 W-P), Daffodil 'Apple Pie', split corona (11a W-P), Daffodil 'Apricot whirl', split corona (11a W-P/W), Daffodil 'Ara', cyclamineus (= 'The Bulb Lady') (6 W-Y), Daffodil 'Berlin', large cupped (2 Y-YYO), Daffodil 'Blues', large cupped (2 W-O), Daffodil 'Calgary', double (4 W-W), Daffodil 'Cassata', split corona (11a W-W), Daffodil 'Centannees', split corona (11a Y-O), Daffodil 'Changing Colors', split corona (11a W-W), Daffodil 'Chanterelle', split corona (11a Y-Y), Daffodil 'Chinese Coral', trumpet (1 W-P), Daffodil 'Chromacolor', large cupped (2 W-P), Daffodil 'Corsage', large cupped (2 Y-O), Daffodil 'Cool Flame', large cupped (2 W-P), Daffodil 'Cum Laude', split corona (11a W-P), Daffodil 'Curly', large cupped (2 Y-Y), Daffodil 'Daydream', large cupped (2 Y-W), Daffodil 'Decoy', large cupped (2 W-R), Daffodil 'Delnashaugh', double (4 W-P), Daffodil 'Dick Wilden', double (4 Y-Y), Daffodil 'Dutch Master', trumpet (1 Y-Y), Daffodil 'Erlicheer', double (= 'Gaiety', 'Cheerfulness', 'Earlicheer', 'Earlichere') (4 W-Y), Daffodil 'Extravaganza', double (4 W-P), Daffodil 'Falconet', tazetta (8 Y-R), Daffodil 'Fruit Cup', jonquilla (= 'Fruitcup') (7 W-Y) ...
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