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Daffodil 'Precocious'
Daffodil 'Precocious'
Category: Daffodil 'Precocious', large cupped (2 W-P)
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Rhododendron Rhododendron (43)
Rhododendron 'Azurro', ponticum, Rhododendron 'Belkanto', wardii, Rhododendron 'Hachgraf' Graffito, hybrid, Rhododendron 'Hachkaba' Kabarett, hybrid, Rhododendron 'Hachmann's Charmant', insigne, Rhododendron 'Hachschnee' Schneeperle, obtusum, Rhododendron 'Melina', obtusum, Rhododendron 'Mont Ventoux', simsii, Rhododendron 'Ostalett', simsii, Rhododendron 'Polarstern', simsii, Rhododendron 'Sachsenstern', simsii, Rhododendron 'Satschiko' Geisha Orange, obtusum, Rhododendron 'Tamira', simsii, Rhododendron 'Thesla', simsii, Rhododendron 'Tigra', simsii
Rose (Rosa) Rose (Rosa) (281)
Посадка розы, Rose 'Acapella' (= 'Charlies Rose'), hybrid tea (T), Rose 'Alfred Sisley' (= 'Ivan Crowther'), shrub (D), Rose 'Alissar, Princess of Phoenicia', floribunda (H), Rose 'Angie' (= 'Jean-Pierre Foucault'), floribunda (D), Rose 'Blue for You', floribunda (F), Rose 'Bonica 82', floribunda (M), Rose 'Bordure Abricot', floribunda (D), Rose 'Burgundy Ice' (= 'Burgundy Iceberg'), floribunda (Swane), Rose 'Camille Pissarro' (= 'Rainbow Nation'), floribunda (D), Rose 'Centenaire de Lourdes Rose', floribunda (D), Rose 'Edgar Degas', grandiflora (D), Rose 'Gebruder Grimm' (= 'Joli Tambour'), floribunda (K), Rose 'Heinz Winkler' (= 'Hommage a Barbara') (D), Rose 'Hot Chocolate' (= 'Hot Cocoa'), floribunda (Carruth), Rose 'Imperatrice Farah' (= 'Kaiserin Farah'), hybrid tea (D), Rose 'Jubile du Prince de Monaco' (= 'Cherry Parfait'), floribunda (M), Rose 'Lavender Ice', floribunda (T), Rose 'Magic Meidiland' (= 'Magic Meillandecor'), shrub (M), Rose 'Malicorne' (= 'The Grayson Rose'), floribunda (D), Rose 'Marie Curie' (= 'Romantic Dreams'), floribunda (M), Rose 'Paul Noel', climbing rose (Tanne), Rose 'Pomponella', floribunda (K), Rose 'Rosarium Uetersen' (= 'Seminole Wind'), climbing rose (K), Rose 'Rose des Cisterciens', floribunda (D), Rose 'Sangerhauser Jubilaumsrose' (= 'Cervia', 'The Wren'), floribunda (K), Rose 'Soleil du Monde', floribunda (D), Rose 'Sommerabend', ground cover (K), Rose 'Sorbet Framboise', floribunda (D) ...
Cone flower (Rudbeckia) Cone flower (Rudbeckia) (5)
Fritillary (Fritillaria) Fritillary (Fritillaria) (27)
Fritillary uva vulpis (=assyriaca), Fritillary meleagris, Fritillary 'Alba', meleagris, Fritillary 'Aurora', imperialis, Fritillary 'Lutea', imperialis, Fritillary 'Rubra', imperialis
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